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Loving Men | Alfred Hurst: Facilitator

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Alfred Hurst

It is a job to think what to write & who am I in relation to Loving Men

I am an ageing youthful man who grows things - in my garden & in my work. Hopefully I grow myself as well (with support & sometimes screaming)! I am an artist, a gardener, a cook & a therapist & supervisor amongst other things. I try & enjoy all I do & encourage you to do the same.

I have lived in a range of places - Chile, France & various places in the UK. I am particularly interested in Community & have lived in a number & belong to some more. Currently I live in one in Devon with 35 other adults & 12 children. We are like a village & try & make decisions by listening & finding points in common rather than emphasising our differences although they are important as well.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Tim, Dennis and Sanjay for more years than I can remember. I have much gratitude for this! And I have gained so much from them!

Hope to see you at LM! alfred x