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Connections Festival Online: Schedule

All details are subject to change.


Click on their names to see details of the Facilitators and on the Workshop titles to read about them


Touch their names to see details of the Facilitators and on the Workshop titles to read about them


Saturday 23 May

  Space Facilitator Workshop
09:30 - 10:15
Bodily Delights Zone Andy Butterfield Yoga With Heart
  Drag Salon Juan Serrano Mindfulness & Meditation practices in dealing with uncertainty
10:30 - 11:00 Registration
11:00 - 12:00 Opening Session
  Space Facilitator Workshop
Workshop 1
12:15 - 13:15
Festival Central Dennis L Carney
Cyril Nri
Why Is It So Difficult?
  Bodily Delights Zone Pavel Timashkov Here I Am
  Drag Salon Manny Wongkaew Lock-Down Drag
13:30 - 14:30Lunch Club
Workshop 2
14:30 - 15:45
Festival Central Joel Heller Speed Vulnerability
  Bodily Delights Zone João Tantra Tantric Temple
  Drag Salon Sam Thorpe Evolving Gender & Sexuality
Workshop 3
16:00 - 17:15
Festival Central Rahil Virik
Chai-Yoel Korn
Sam Thorpe
Trans / Non-Binary Inclusion: Panel Discussion
Tim Foskett Chair
  Bodily Delights Zone Bodhi Hunt 5Rhythms© Online
  Drag Salon Mark Kenichi Davies Your HIV Journey
17:30 - 18:30 Closing session
18:30 Festival sessions end
21:00 - 23:00 Festival Central Mawaan Rizwan Quarantine Club Night

Sunday 24 May

  Space Facilitator Workshop
09:30 - 10:15
Bodily Delights Zone Tom Cowan Wake-Up Yoga
  Drag Salon Pavel Timashkov Shamanic Meditation
10:30 - 11:00 Registration
11:00 - 11:45 Opening Session
  Space Facilitator Workshop
Workshop 4
12:00 - 13:15
Festival Central Tim Foskett Empathy Circle
  Bodily Delights Zone Andy Butterfield Healing and Empowerment with the Chakras
  Drag Salon Laurie King Authentic Relating Games
  Library Troy Fairclough Intimacy through writing
13:30 - 14:30Lunch Club
Workshop 5
14:30 - 15:45
Festival Central Daniel Dallabrida & Deary Duffie Speaking Words of Wisdom
  Bodily Delights Zone Darren Ollerton Gut Health 101 for Men Who Love Men
  Drag Salon Simon Marks Connecting to Your Inner Child
Workshop 6
16:00 - 17:15
Festival Central Finn Deerhart Re-Imagining Fantasy
  Bodily Delights Zone João Tantra Tantric Lingam Ritual
  Drag Salon Dennis L Carney Looking for Love
17:30 - 18:30 Closing session
18:30 Festival sessions end

Monday 25 May

  Space Facilitator Workshop
15:30 - 17:30 Festival Central Tim Foskett
Dennis L Carney
Willow Hurst
Tom Cowan
Heart Circle
19:00 - 21:00 Festival Central Arkem Walton Share Your Love Cabaret
If you want to be the best that you can be, this can help you in a way that few other things can
Event attendee
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Heart Circle

This Heart Circle will be a space in which each participant has an opportunity to speak from a place of true feeling, be actively listened to, without debate, discussion or reply; but with sincere kindness! We will simply value what each person feels the desire to share 'in-the-moment', with a thoughtful appreciation of what it is to speak one's truth, whilst be lovingly listened to and appropriately acknowledged.

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Lunch Club

If you'd like to socialise with a small group of other festival participants over lunch, come to the Lunch Club at 1.30 pm. We'll put you into groups of up to 8 and give you some questions to chew over together if you like - or you could just chat! Enjoy!


J (they or he) is a genderqueer/trans masculine white British person. He has been involved with a variety of projects, workshops, events and talks on the topics of gender, sexualities and spirituality. They also write regularly on these topics, having articles in books, online magazines and academic journals, including articles about trans and non-binary inclusion in men only/men centered spaces.

Rahil Virik

Rahil Cyril Virik (they/them) is a British Asian Non-Binary person. Having began their transition in 2015 as part of their journey to live as their authentic self. They bring their own experience into their work and are passionate about developing support for the LGBTQIAP+ and POC communities. Currently Rahil works at Gendered Intelligence as a Trans Awareness Trainer and Trans Counselling Lead at Spectra. Along with supporting LGBTQ+ young people as a youth worker.

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Chai-Yoel Korn

Chai-Yoel runs Shine LGBTQIA+ Psychotherapy, Chai-Yoel is an Integrative Body and Trauma Psychotherapist and Supervisor offers psychotherapy services to individuals and groups, adults and young people. This includes Shine On LGBTQIA+ Bereavement Peer Support Groups located in north and south London. For twenty years, they have worked and volunteered in the LGBTQIA+ community. Chai-Yoel recently had their section of a book “The Chicken Soup of Identity” about Non-Binary identities accepted that is due to go to print this December 2019.

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Mawaan Rizwan

Mawaan Rizwan is an actor and comedian who loves to DJ in his spare time.

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Quarantine Club Night

Quarantine Club Night is a chance to dress up or dress down, have a boogie and a drink in the company of other Loving Men. An opportunity to express yourself and have some fun after a day at the festival. We'll make it interactive and connected, and of course we'll play some bangers.

Sam Thorpe

Sami Thorpe is a Conscious Health Coach™ and Integrative Health Therapist, specialising in the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind.

He is a META-Health Master Trainer and author of the successful book 'META-Messages from Your Body - Understand the cause of disease and why the body doesn't make mistakes' and is currently working on the publication of the much awaited second book '7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice - Believe in Your Power to Heal'.

Sam also works with his husband Vic Thorpe and Just Solutions Network in Asia where they have trained over 10,000 workers in stress awareness and resilience building techniques.

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Cyril Nri

Cyril Nri is an actor who has been doing it for 38 years. He's done loads of theatre and been in loads of TV and a few films. He received a Bafta nomination for his role in the brilliant Channel 4 TV series 'Cucumber' written by Russell T Davies (Queer as Folk). He's also black, gay, a dad, a son, a brother, mentor and even though he's been in a couple of 'longish' gay relationships (up to three years), he's sort of been single more than he's been in a relationship.

Evolving Gender and Sexuality

Evolution has taken the human mammal into a level of Consciousness that can imagine endless possibilities and give meaning to thought and experience. With such capacity for inclusion and understanding, what is it that separates or unites the gay, the bi and the straight? The homo and the homophobic? The straight, the flamboyant, the trans and the closet queer?

In this workshop we will:

  • Go through a series of physical exercises to reconnect with your core strengths
  • Learn practical skills to use for yourself to manage your physical, mental and emotional well-being in the context of gender and sexuality
  • Learn a model of 'Conscious Health' that you will be able to apply quickly to understand your own thoughts, feelings, reactions and needs and the behaviours of others

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Arkem Walton

Arkem is a long-time Loving Man. Trained in Fine Art, and Physical Theatre he performs in Cabaret, Night Clubs, at Festivals, Birthday Parties, The V&A and on the illustrious staircase at Buckland Hall. He loves dressing-up and Fooling around. He is the current Alternative Miss Wilderness.

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Share Your Love Cabaret

By overwhelming public demand, we are proud to host the return of our "Share Your Love Cabaret", under the expert eye of our Master of Ceremonies, Arkem. We look forward to a repeat serving of exhibition, expertise and excellence.

So if you have a (quite brief) party piece and would like to entertain us, do get together props, music, costume and all you need to tread the virtual boards.

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Pavel Timashkov

Pavel is a shamanic healer and a qualified wilderness guide. He has been practicing and studying shamanism with Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum for over 10 years.

For Pavel shamanic work is a never-ending quest for a strong path – the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being in service, the path of remembrance that one is a human being. Pavel has a Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Economics.

Pavel's website

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Here I Am

This workshop is dedicated to experiencing a shift of consciousness and ultimately a state of intense presence. The work is built around appreciation and gratitude, experiencing awareness from the totality of whole body, as well as meeting the world from the place of heart. At the end of the workshop there will be a space to connect. You can find more information here.

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Shamanic Meditation

It might happen that in search for connections with others we can overlook a very unique and special human being in our life, one-self. During our workshop in a safe and grounded way we will conduct a number of ceremonies to connect and take care of all aspects of selves - emotions, body, mind and spirit. You will learn a few shamanic tools that you'd be able to take home and take care of one-selves when needed.

Why is it so difficult?

In this workshop actor Cyril Nri explores the dilemmas and difficulties of connection and relationships between gay and bi men, with Dennis L Carney, Co-founder of Loving Men. The workshop will include a Q&A session with workshop participants.

Joel Heller

Joel is an executive coach and communication facilitator, specializing in relationship repair for business partners in conflict. His love for personal development work was sparked 20 years ago working with Byron Katie and producing the audiobook "Loving What Is". Since then, he's been on a journey with many different teachers and modalities, pursuing the cultivation of kindness, deep listening, and self-compassion in himself and others.

Speed Vulnerabilty

a.k.a. Getting Really Real Really Fast!
Come meet and drop into deeper conversation with other men, playing a series of relating games in pairs and small groups. Discover what's possible when we dare to share our hopes and fears and allow ourselves to be seen. The games we'll play are inspired by Authentic Relating Games and the work of Daniel Ellenberg.

Please bring some chocolate with you to the workshop. (If you're allergic, bring your favorite cheese, or another treat of your choice.)

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Juan Serrano

Juan Serrano has practiced meditation and mindfulness for 25 years, which he has learned with some of main teachers of our time from the two different schools of Buddhism. He lives in the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, where he takes care of the monastic library.

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Mindfulness & Meditation practices in dealing with uncertainty

We will visit the main mindfulness and meditation practices in dealing with uncertainty in this critical time for many.

The workshop will be delivered via zoom from the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, UK.

Please be in a space where you can lie down for part of the session, plus have a cup of your favourite hot drink ready

Dennis L Carney

Dennis is a co-founder of Loving Men and also teaches a range of short counselling and personal development courses at The City Literary Institute. He also offers training courses on Diversity & Inclusion, LGBT Equality, Anger Management, and Group Facilitation. Dennis has a passion for working with groups, he set up the first-ever group aimed at specifically at Black Gay Men (Let's Rap) filling a much-needed gap in LGBT support services and has received awards for his community development work with Black LGBTQ communities in the UK.

Looking for Love

Maybe you hint at what you want with a lover, or endlessly circle the object of your desire - but never risk a direct approach. Or perhaps you pretend you need nothing from other men, or do you demand connection with such ferocity that you frighten them away? However you look for love, this workshop is an opportunity to take some time out to reflect on some of the lessons learned from your own 'intimacy journey', explore some inner and outer work you can do with yourself and gain some ideas about what your next step might be when you are looking for love.

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Manny Wongkaew

Manny is an independent creative director and visual artist. He has spent the last 16 years creating politically charged and emotionally engaged fashion designs, visual artwork and choreography. His work has appeared in such publications as Vogue, British GQ, and the Guardian. Manrutt has also appeared on TEDx Talks and the BBC discussing the subjects of identity and motivation. His work is never about fashion but how he pushes its boundaries to connect with light and shade of human emotion.

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Lockdown Drag

To boost our fabulous morale during the COVID-19 lockdown and follow our Drag Salon legacies at Loving Men events, we will continue to play with clothes and adapt our household items, everyday objects, and improvised make-up to unleash our inner goddess. We will glamorise our self-isolation, reclaim our creative freedom, kill our boredom, and stay connected.

Let's rediscover items from our wardrobes. Explore our household cupboards and find everyday objects that can be transformed into our drag attire. Collect any stationaries, newspapers, tapes, bin linings, foils, cling films, sponges, towels, rubber gloves, etc. that can be used to complete the look. You can order a few things online but please ensure you are staying well and safe during the process. Be bold. Be imaginative....despite being in quarantine!

Willow Hurst

Willow loves to work in his garden in his Devon Community, Bowden House, and comes to London twice a month to work with a range of people in his therapy practice. He lives with HIV, eats vegan, is a Humanist/Spiritual wedding celebrant, is a Findhorn trained Transformation Game facilitator and a gardener/artist.

Trans / Non-Binary Inclusion Panel

For several years Loving Men has actively welcomed the participation of trans men and non-binary people who are attracted to men. This panel discussion will explore the sometimes painful history of predominantly gay organisations opening themselves to trans and non-binary people, and what inclusion might really mean for Loving Men moving forward.

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About the new Queer flag

Representation matters - especially for the most marginalized communities. The six-colour rainbow pride flag we know well has served to symbolize the queer community since its emergence in 1971 But the queer community has evolved over the past few decades, leading many to question whether the pride flag still caters to those most marginalized in the community, including queer people of colour and trans people. It's a dilemma Portland-based designer Daniel Quasar (who uses xe/xem pronouns) has sought to resolve with a vividly-modified redesign of the iconic flag. Quasar's proposed flag includes the colours of the trans flag, as the black and brown stripes which further represent the queer and trans identities of black and brown people. Those two stripes also represent those living with HIV/AIDS, people who have passed from the virus and the overall stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS that remains today.

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Laurie King

Laurie is based between New Zealand and Scotland. He has a deep passion for bringing people together in safe, warm, supportive environments, and recognises how fundamental connection is to contentment and well being. Since August 2019, he has been on a mission to make Authentic Relating more accessible through facilitating workshops and retreats in urban spaces, rural communities and festivals around the world.

Laurie's website

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Authentic Relating Games

Authentic Relating is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of acting and speaking from a place of heartfelt vulnerability and deep presence, allowing us to be in alignment with our deepest feelings and weave a more rich and truthful human experience. You are invited to play two Authentic Relating games in a safe, non-judgemental space, focusing on the theme of love.

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Troy Fairclough

Troy Fairclough has a B.A. in Arts from Glasgow University, and an M.A. in Media, from Goldsmiths College, University of London

In February 2017 Troy set up 'Black Gay Ink' a series of writing workshops for Black, gay men. The initiative is now partnered with writing agency Spread the Word and funded by Arts Council England.

Troy has been funded by the Arts Council, Scottish Arts Council, and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation. His work has been read at Soho Theatre, RADA, the BBC and the Royal Court.

Intimacy through writing

My workshop will explore the concept of intimacy, from an LGBTQ+ point of view, through writing exercises, and discussion.

The group will look at what:

  • Intimacy means for them
  • What part it plays in their lives
  • How they express/experience it

This will be my first online writing workshop, and I am excited about using Zoom to connect with participants.

Please have something to write on / with, whether paper and pen or something electronic.

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Mark Kenichi Davies

Mark is relatively new to the Loving Men community, but is finding a lot of inspiration from the people he has met here. He enjoys nurturing growth - be it as his work as a counsellor and teacher, in the kitchen watching bread dough slowly rise, or tending to his plants (and even tending to himself!) - and wants to put some of these skills and passions together to give something to this amazing community. He believes that anyone and anything can grow in a positive direction by providing a safe, nurturing and empathic environment.

Your HIV journey

A space to explore your journey with HIV with others who also live with the virus. We'll combine sharing with some creative activities like free drawing, guided meditation and affirmations. It's Connections Festival, so this workshop aims to connect you more with your and others' lived experience of HIV.

This needs to be a safe a space, so I'd like to invite only people living with HIV. You need not use your video/name to others - but for everyone's safety you need only reveal your name/video to me, which will be confidential.

Please have some paper and colouring pens/crayons to hand.

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Finn Deerhart

Finn Deerhart is a coach, podcast host, writer, and educator. Finn brings 14 years of combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex and intimacy coaching, and personal development to his client and couples practice. He is also a staffed practitioner for the Queer Couples Center in San Francisco. He is also a content creator, onsite coach and podcast host for Himeros TV, which provides explicit content for queer men looking to find meaning in eroticism, strengthen erotic skills, and create a sense of loving, erotic, community with other men.

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Re-Imagining Fantasy

In this workshop, you will learn practical tools to have more fulfilling, satisfying connections and hot sex that feels truly authentic, whether you are single or in a relationship. This event will focus on the use of fantasy in order to:

  • Break through inhibitions for more peak experiences
  • Interpret fantasy as a guide to your emotional needs & unlocking sexual potential
  • Craft your personal Erotic Theme, using the "Cornerstones of Eroticism," work by Dr. Jack Morin

Please bring a journal or paper and something to write with! This is a clothing-on educational exploration of themes that appear in the collective domain of queer desire.

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Darren Ollerton

Darren Ollerton is a London-based freelancer, massage therapist, fermentation enthusiast and scholar of MSM Medical Anthropology with a special interest in microbiome studies and MSM sexual health. He is the owner of Alchemy Flow which teaches traditional food knowledge and techniques to encourage better health and vitality through living, vibrant foods.

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Gut Health 101 for Men Who Love Men

Join us on this camp fermentation safari as we explore the significance of gut health and healing to Men who love Men and some of the novel impacts our lifestyles may have on this critical resource for health and vitality. Here Darren brings together current research and insights into food, gut health and healing to show how the simple act of fermenting the home kitchen, and other lifestyle changes aimed at nourishing the gut, can make all the difference to our sense of wellbeing and future resilience.

Bodhi Hunt

Bodhi Hunt is a Psychotherapist, 5Rhythms Dance & Mindfulness Teacher. Bodhi has been teaching 5Rhythms for over 15 years for the LGBTQ community. He has a therapy practice working with shame & trauma and teaches a weekly movement class in London. He runs movement workshops in London, Europe, Russia and Asia. In the last three years, Bodhi has trained with Daan Van Kampenhout ~ Practice for Systemic Ritual which Bodhi is a graduate and facilitator.

5Rhythms© Online

The invitation will be to explore a gentle way to arrive in the body. 5 Rhythms and somatic body work ignites creative action with breath (being) and ground - no steps to learn. Instead we listen to our own body through movement and expand our physical vocabulary in relationship to both others and ourselves in the group. Come with an open mind and leave with a loving heart!

''I believe in the healing power of men coming together to dance (move), to celebrate as we have for millennium and this has been a focus for my teaching from the start'' – Bodhi

Andy Butterfield

Andy is an experienced group facilitator, having run many retreats and workshops for gay men and for the wider community.

A respected Shiatsu and reiki therapist, mindfulness, yoga and tantra teacher - he integrates the tools he has studied and practised with during the last 15 years to help people to access healing, compassion and self-empowerment.

Andy thrives in the process of co-creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for gay and bi men to explore intimacy, connection and joy together.

Healing and Empowerment with the Chakras

Chakras are power centres in the body where life-force energy concentrates to power the whole system. When they are open, strong and balanced, we can rise to meet our potential and thrive.

In this 90 minute class, Shiatsu and Reiki Therapist and Tantra Yoga Teacher Andy Butterfield will guide you through movement, breath work, self massage and meditation so that you can experience this subtle and vital architecture in the body and work with it to access more of your body's wisdom, power, sensuality and resilience.

Yoga with Heart

Let your body know that it matters with a mindful yoga and movement practice that will connect you to your breath, your lifeforce and your compassionate heart. When we come into kindly awareness of our body just how it is, without needing it to be any different, the nervous system breathes a sigh of relief. It unwinds, relaxes and resets. We begin to embody the truth that we are enough, just as we are, in any given moment.

This class will blend gentle and dynamic yoga and movement to enliven, strengthen and rejuvenate you. It is open to all levels.

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Daniel Dallabrida & Deary Duffie

Daniel and Deary have explored life together for 20 years in both San Francisco and Tuscany. They each have a lifetime of expertise in teaching, facilitation, and leading group experiences. This will be their first collaborative workshop.

Daniel's art moves freely through the realms of cultural, personal, and mythical memory. With ceramic, video, photography, and ritual performance, he encourages people to find themselves in the nonlinear currents of the tales he tells. Fifteen years ago, Daniel retired from the world of HIV/AIDS activism to initiate a full-time focus on making art. His work has shown in Milan, Rome, Florence, Singapore, Aspen, and San Francisco.

Deary has 30 years of experienced addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion with corporations and NGOs. He is a leadership coach for individuals and teams. He is currently on the board of Open Floor International and volunteers at UC Berkeley in the African American Initiative to increase enrolment.

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Speaking Words of Wisdom

In these days of disorienting disruption, we struggle to make meaning of the changes, to make sense of continual chaos. Building a bridge to the future as we walk on it is deeply unsettling. Thankfully, the answers and questions live among us in the stories we have to share.

Listening to stories can help us find clarity in the face of ambiguity, order in the face of confusion. Telling stories can help us find words for the indescribable. Personal and mythical stories shared within a community can build wellness.

Together we will breakdown the healing art of storytelling and story listening as a way to make meaning and authentic connection.

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Tom Cowan

My professional life has entwined with my personal life, like twinned tributaries feeding a deep flowing river. I've been called from many directions to step into a role as teacher, healer, mentor and leader, offering Vajrasati yoga, community facilitation work and nature based practices to re-wild a sense of awe, wonder and calm into our lives.

As I practice, explore, inquire and directly experience a truth that's emergent in these fields I can then pass it on as a pointer to you, inviting deeper states of inner knowing, embodied presence, self transformation, kindness, empathy and wellbeing.

I cherish the opportunities we have to share transformative experiences of life through classes, workshops, one to ones and immersive retreats.

Together we can take a breath and pierce into the present moment with greater clarity, insight and love.

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Wake Up Yoga

Welcome to this morning practice of Vajrasti Yoga with Tom. We gently wake up together with a shared intention to move, breathe, stretch and connect.

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JoÃo Tantra

João's journey in complementary therapy started 15 years ago and evolved to the realm of Tantra. His background in teaching along with his training in many styles of therapies allow him to blend different techniques and tailor sessions.

He loves tantra, yoga, dancing, nature, travelling and other practices that promote wellbeing, freedom, authenticity and unconditional love towards oneself and others.

João is based in London where he offers private appointments. Moreover, he facilitates workshops and retreats in different countries.

João's website

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Tantric Temple

Let's create a temple within and around us using tantric tools to expand our awareness and consciousness blending sexual energy and spirituality. No previous experience needed only an open and curious heart and mind.

For the workshop, please have at hand:

  • some massage oil
  • a chair
  • a yoga mat or towel to lie down on
  • feathers
Some hints to prepare yourself.

You can maintain you anonymity by keeping your face off camera, wearing a mask, or keeping your camera off completely if you prefer.

Participant's cameras and microphones will be turned off at certain times so that you can bring your attention to your own body and own pleasure. The session WILL NOT be recorded aiming to create a safe container for you to explore your body, sensations, thoughts, feelings and maybe discover something new.

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Tantric Lingam Ritual

Let's celebrate and embrace our body exploring ways to activate and delight in our will and power using self-erotic touch, breath, movement, sound and our intentions to move our sexual energy throughout our body.

For the workshop, please have at hand:

  • some massage oil
  • a thin towel or sarong
  • a chair
  • a yoga mat or towel to lie down on
Some hints to prepare yourself.

You can maintain you anonymity by keeping your face off camera, wearing a mask, or keeping your camera off completely if you prefer.

Participant's cameras and microphones will be turned off at certain times so that you can bring your attention to your own body and own pleasure. The session WILL NOT be recorded aiming to create a safe container for you to explore your body, sensations, thoughts, feelings and maybe discover something new.

Tim Foskett

Tim Foskett is an accredited individual and group psychotherapist. He is a co-Founder and Director of Loving Men. He is a certified 5Rhythyms© Teacher and currently a Board member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association.

He has written three interactive workbooks for gay/bi men on Getting Ready for Relationships; Relationship Skills and Sex. These are available on his website.

Empathy Circle

Empathy is an often-overlooked aspect of good connection with a friend or lover. The simple and difficult task of putting yourself in the shoes of another, and communicating that you understand something of their experience, often brings peace of mind and a feeling of recognition and closeness - especially in an intimate relationship. In this workshop I'll introduce the concept in a little more detail and then we'll practice this wonderful skill for connection.

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Simon Marks

Simon is a counsellor, therapist and certified dramatherapist. He specialises in LGBTQ+ mental health, trauma, addiction recovery - with a focus on healing the inner-child and authentic-self. Simon runs a private practice for gay, bi and queer men in Central London, offering individual sessions, group therapy and dramatherapy. He also works at Mount Carmel rehab in South London as part of a team delivering their addiction treatment programme. Simon co-founded and has run the gay men's popular community discussion group A Change Of Scene since 2014. Simon is also a workshop facilitator and delivers training in understanding trauma, addiction and LGBTQ+ mental health.

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Connecting To Your Inner-Child

The inner-child - or authentic-self, is the part of us that remains curious, playful and intuitive - despite being hidden underneath the false-self, or ego. Here, aspects such as perfectionism, control and fear dominate our lives to pursue the things we think we need to be happy. In doing so, we abandon our inner-child and stay stuck in unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and feelings.

To experience more intimacy, freedom and joy in our adult lives, we must begin to listen to our inner-child's voice - giving them permission to be heard. In this workshop, you'll be guided through an individual written exercise to help you connect with your inner-child, and discover what they want and need to be happy.

All you need is a pen, plenty of paper and an open mind. Felt-pens and crayons are an added bonus, but not essential.

Residential Events

Non-residential Events

Booking, deposits, final payments and cancellation

  • the standard deposit is £150
  • your balance is due 6 weeks before the start of the event
  • your place and deposit may be forfeited if we do not receive your balance 4 weeks before the start of the event
  • if you cancel 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your deposit, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs
  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will refund your payment for the event, minus the £150 deposit
  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Booking, payments and cancellation

  • fees are payable in full at the time of booking
  • if you cancel your place 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your fee, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs
  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will return 50% of your fee
  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Insurance

    For all events, Loving Men advise you to take out travel insurance to cover yourself for illness, emergency or cancellation


    Conduct at Events

    To ensure your own and others' welfare, Loving Men asks you to:

  • be responsible for your own safety and exercise due care for yourself throughout the event
  • be respectful towards others and of their personal boundaries
  • take care of the venue and equipment, and respect the boundaries of the host organisation