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2020 Workshops & Facilitators


It's early days!
This page is a work-in-progress.
The Loving Men Team has posted it here so you can get a feel for the workshops available.
All details are liable to change.



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Touch the photos to see details of the Facilitators and on the Workshop titles to read about them








If you want to be the best that you can be, this can help you in a way that few other things can
Event attendee

Amanda Gay Love

Amanda Gay Love is passionate about queers of all descriptions having abundant sex. Over the last 20 years she has been fairly obsessed with LGBTQIA identities and queer sexualities. Having extensive experience in queer theory, tantra, and BDSM practices, she creates Queer Hearted spaces so that people can explore and expand their sensual, sexual and spiritual potential. Ultimately, she is all about desire and ensuring that people have a myriad of ways to express it.

Amanda facilitates gender and sexuality experiences that are healing transformative joyfests. As well as running her own teaching spaces and workshops she produces a number of events and supports practitioners to ensure we all get to have shiner and more loving queer times when we get together.

Power / Impact Play

Explore the connection of pleasure and pain with a workshop of sensuous tingles, thuds and smacks. Make your way through the safe and consent lead exercises to build knowledge of the way power and sexuality intertwine for you. Come meet yourself as the perfect mix of sex and power as we focus on queer and mindful kinky power exchange. Practice building connected erotic energy as you play with intense sensations, layering dynamic submission and smutty dominance over the top as you go.

In this workshop we will work in pairs or throuples, you can arrive together and work together for the whole time, or you will be paired and grouped along the way. This workshop is accessible for people at all levels of prior kink experience, all exercises can be done fully clothed and are centred by consent.

Bert Roman

As a nurse, Bert Roman went on completing his bachelors in contemporary dance at the Conservatoire in Antwerp, Belgium. He teaches movement based workshops for theatre and dance professionals. And is a founding member of international theatre ensemble Babakas and artistic director of MoveMe.

Queerfight / Playfight

This ritual is for the playful, the fighters, the inner animals, the heartcore cuddlers, the grown up children and the dancers. It also welcomes everyone who adores the aforementioned and wants to meet them and learn from them.

This workshop provides a safe space for physical interaction between two people and teaches us about how we can cocreate connection and hold space as a group. While our differences can set us apart, in these two hours we will close ranks inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

No previous experience necessary. Nudity and staying clothed are both welcome.

Bodhi Hunt

Bodhi Hunt is a Psychotherapist, 5Rhythms Dance & Mindfulness Teacher. Bodhi has been teaching 5Rhythms for over 15 years for the LGBTQ community. He has a therapy practice working with shame & trauma and teaches a weekly movement class in London. He runs movement workshops in London, Europe, Russia and Asia. In the last three years, Bodhi has trained with Daan Van Kampenhout ~ Practice for Systemic Ritual which Bodhi is a graduate and facilitator.

MOVE – 5 Rhythms ©

The invitation will be to explore a gentle way to arrive in the body to begin the weekend and our journey together over the coming days... 5 Rhythms and somatic body work ignites creative action with breath (being) and ground - no steps to learn. Instead we listen to our own body through movement and expand our physical vocabulary in relationship to both others and ourselves in the group. Come with an open mind and leave with a loving heart!

''I believe in the healing power of men coming together to dance (move), to celebrate as we have for millennium and this has been a focus for my teaching from the start'' – Bodhi

The Yes/No Paradox ~ Systemic Ritual

Is your glass half full or half empty?
Into what terrain does a positive emotion land?
What is your relationship to “Yes”?

Using Somatic Bodywork and *Systemic Ritual, this workshop will explore our relationship to both “Yes” and “No” in the context of relationship to self and other. The aim will be to get in touch with our own positive resource through the heart ~ taking-in and accepting the gifts that life has to offer. Strengthening our awareness and energy field around wounded parts of our own manhood.

* This work is based on Daan Van Kampenhout ~ Practice for Systemic Ritual ~ which Bodhi is a graduate and facilitator.

Chai-Yoel Korn

Chai-Yoel runs Shine LGBTQIA+ Psychotherapy, Chai-Yoel is an Integrative Body and Trauma Psychotherapist and Supervisor offers psychotherapy services to individuals and groups, adults and young people. This includes Shine On LGBTQIA+ Bereavement Peer Support Groups located in north and south London. For twenty years, they have worked and volunteered in the LGBTQIA+ community. Chai-Yoel recently had their section of a book “The Chicken Soup of Identity” about Non-Binary identities accepted that is due to go to print this December 2019.

Dennis L Carney

Dennis is a co-founder of Loving Men. He has completed 12 years post-graduate training in humanistic integrative psychotherapy at Spectrum and also teaches a range of short counselling and personal development courses at The City Literary Institute, London. Dennis has a passion for working with groups & also delivers a range of training courses on Diversity, LGBT Equality, Team Building, Anger Management, Personal & Professional Development. Dennis also runs a small private practice that offers personal development sessions to clients.

Getting to Know You - Games on the Common

In this workshop you'll get to know people using games that help you build connection, stretch your comfort zone, be playful, and experiment. We'll meet each other, interact and see what happens. Weather permitting this workshop will take place on the Common – meet in the café at the start time. Wear loose clothing, and be ready for some moderate exertion. If you have limited physical abilities not all aspects of the workshop may be suitable for you; you are welcome to join in as much or as little as you can.

Tell Me Who You Are

This highly interactive workshop will explore how honest & authentic we are when telling others who we really are.

Using a combination of simple exercises, theoretical concepts and group discussion we will identify what helps or hinders us from telling others who we are; in a fun, intimate, confidential and supportive space.

The Dating Game


Jason Lowe

Jason trained as a Humanistic Integrative Therapist, and has an extensive history working in addiction, chemsex and mental health. Music is a large part of his own personal journey and singing has always been integral to his life. Can often be found drinking too much coffee and watching Drag Race on repeat.

JF Callens

JF is a skilled Consultant and Coach with over 10 years' experience in working with managers, leaders and individuals to maximise their potential. With a creative background in movement, body psychotherapy and counselling, he offers powerful and thought-provoking sessions delivered in a caring and supportive environment.

JoÃo Tantra

João's journey in complementary therapy started 15 years ago and evolved to the realm of Tantra.

His background in teaching along with his training in many styles of therapies allow him to blend different techniques and tailor sessions.

He loves tantra, yoga, dancing, nature, travelling and other practices that promote wellbeing, freedom, authenticity and unconditional love towards oneself and others. João is based in London where he offers private appointments. Moreover, he facilitates workshops and retreats in different countries.

Tantric Connections

Connect deeper with yourself and others through moments of stillness, meditation, breathing and toning techniques, body movement, pelvic exercises and conscious touch accepting, honouring and celebrating our bodies.

Come with an open and curious heart and mind letting go of any expectations as much as possible.

Pair up with as many different people as you can thus learning more about yourself in that process. In this clothed workshop we will explore concepts of personal boundaries and consent moving towards freedom and authenticity in a friendly and respectful environment.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a bath towel.

Sensual Tantric Touch

Work with trust, communication, authenticity, personal boundaries, choice, acceptance and freedom in a safe, friendly, respectful, sacred and non-judgmental way.

This workshop will include solo and interactive exercises, including conscious use of breath, movement, dance, touch, massage, sound, energy work, meditation and other inspired practices.

It is essential that you are ready to explore and approach nudity and personal intimate touch with maturity and an open mind.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a bath towel. You will have the opportunity to remove your clothes gradually within your limits.

Joel Heller

Joel is an executive coach and communication facilitator, specializing in relationship repair for business partners in conflict. His love for personal development work was sparked 20 years ago working with Byron Katie and producing the audiobook "Loving What Is". Since then, he's been on a journey with many different teachers and modalities, pursuing the cultivation of kindness, deep listening, and self-compassion in himself and others.

Speed Vulnerabilty

a.k.a. Getting Really Real Really Fast!
Come meet and drop into deeper conversation with other men, playing a series of relating games in pairs and small groups. Discover what's possible when we dare to share our hopes and fears and allow ourselves to be seen. The games we'll play are inspired by Authentic Relating Games and the work of Daniel Ellenberg.

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Love Dragon

Imagined in the mind of the Beast King and brought to life by a juicy kiss, Love Dragon is a queer researcher of human connections. Regardless of the subject he enjoys teaching people ways of how to gently meet each other with respect and fun.

Love Dragon is a sacred intimate, a body worker, a playfight activist and a body awareness coach. He is also exploring Tarot and Bondage.

Privately, he's a big boardgame geek.

Four Circles

This is safe and empowering space for exploring consent and sensuality.

In changing couples we will service each other according to the recipients' wishes. Our hands will travel on our partners' bodies in four distinct circles.

Clothing or nudity are equally welcome and can be changed during the workshop. Genital touch is optional and will only happen if both partners want it. If physical touch is not wanted, the exercise can be done without it.

The workshop welcomes everybody regardless of gender identity and expression, experience or body shape

Foreskin & Biscuits

This workshop is an attempt to revive the long forgotten British tradition of sitting together, eating biscuits, drinking tea and talking about foreskin.

There will be time to share our thoughts, fantasies, anxieties and trauma around this sensitive topic. There will also be time for hands-on play.

No one is denied access for absence of experience, foreskin or a penis in the first place. Let us create a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect together.

Maevon Canter

I studied somatic practices with Authentic Eros and discovered that the body also has a distinct and intense way of knowing. I have completed an Authentic Eros one year training and certified as a Sacred Intimate in the Body Electric tradition. Jason : I am a queer artist/activist and Sexological bodyworker. Through my work I am researching the effect of Bonobo behaviour on Humans. I have developed The Bonobo Experience® to do this.

The Squeal of Consent

The wheel of consent is a diagram that has been created by sexologist and intimacy coach Betty Martin. In a nutshell, the diagram is a tool that can be used by two or more people before engaging in conscious touch and intimacy. We have made our own bonobo version of the wheel, which does not use words but sounds, hand signals and other playful and primal methods. This workshop is adding to that increasing awareness of being able to communicate and thinking creatively in the fresh and more nuanced way about our own and other people's boundaries and comforts discomforts around touch. All this leads, in a playful way to positive and constructive touch and tenderness.

Manny Wongkaew

Manny is an independent creative director and visual artist. He has spent the last 16 years creating politically charged and emotionally engaged fashion designs, visual artwork and choreography. His work has appeared in such publications as Vogue, British GQ, and the Guardian. Manrutt has also appeared on TEDx Talks and the BBC discussing the subjects of identity and motivation

Drag Salon

Following a fabulous success of the Drag Salon workshops at previous Loving Men events and to celebrate Ru Paul's Drag Race UK, we will continue to play with clothes and make-up to unleash our inner goddess. We will spank those inner critics with 50 shades of hot pink, false eyelashes and sky-high heels. We will reclaim our true voice, challenge gender stereotypes, and celebrate who we really are.

Please bring items you would like to wear. Be bold. Be brave. And most importantly, be YOU!

Martin Weightman

Martin is a musician & teacher who has a passion for community music-making in a variety of contexts. With a background in jazz and music education, his musical journey has recently taken him to Bulgaria & Eastern Europe exploring music of the Balkans and Roma & Klezmer traditions. Excited by the folk songs & dances of these traditions, he continues to be inspired by music which brings people together celebrating & sharing their diversity & cultures.

An accordionist, pianist and singer, he performs with Klezmer band, ‘Shibboleth’. He has recently been involved in setting up a co-housing project in Sheffield.

He sees Connections as an exciting opportunity for gay men to explore vocal harmony, rhythm and movement.

Singing & Circle Dance

This workshop blends voice work and circle dancing. It will include a physical warm-up, body percussion games and voice exercises including acapella singing, call & response, singing in simple harmony. The second part introduces simple dance steps in a circle: exploring dances from Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, within Roma & Klezmer traditions. No previous experience necessary!

Ignatio Laybayen de Inza

Ignacio has worked since 2008 supporting gay men struggling with addictions, particularly those involved in Chemsex, presenting with issues such as isolation, trauma, homophobia, low self esteem, difficulties with engaging in sober sex or experiencing any intimacy, HIV issues, etc. For all these years, he has been supporting 12-15 men a week, which makes thousands of men since he started until today, in settings such as Antidote, Club Drug Clinic, and since 2011, at 56 Dean Street. Since January, he is also delivering Chemsex support on Grindr, with more than than 6000 people asking for help so far.

The Power Of Self-Esteem

Are we exactly how we think we are? How do we value ourselves? What is what we miss when we judge the way we are, the decisions that we make, the way we behave? Join this practical workshop to explore how to improve the relationship that you have with yourself, which will also help you to improve the relationship that you have with others, and therefore, to increase your levels of happiness. Nothing less than what you deserve.

Neo Elder

Building upon his varied therapeutic background, Dr. Neo Elder ran empowerment workshops for gay men in the 80s and 90s before moving to Australia and becoming an alternative academic. Now back in the UK he has returned to facilitating empowerment workshops for the LGBTQ+ community. He is also a musical artist, poet, board game designer, and member of the Ridhwan spiritual community. With a qualification in Sacred Intimacy, he has a personal interest in an expanded understanding and lived reality of intimacy.

Dimensions Of Intimacy

We will inquire into three quite different yet interconnected types of intimacy – emotional, erotic, and existential. Each has its own world, unique riches and challenges. Each also lands differently for each individual. For emotional intimacy, we will look at different ways we can communicate with each other; experientially reflect upon the nature of hugging; and discuss the significance of friendship in our lives. For erotic intimacy, there will be an opportunity to (non-experientially) inquire into one's erotic life and modalities of engagement. For existential intimacy, we will explore our relationship with ourselves, with the world, and with the divine.

The Well of Grief and The Wellspring of Life

This is a space to honour grief – as it has personally entered our world unrequested, moves our world in ways we could not have previously imagined, comes through us, is an expression of our humanness. The perspective here is not to try to banish grief, but to become familiar with our relationship to it, to gently feel deeper into our sorrow such that we may free ourselves up to love life more deeply. A reference point is Francis Weller's The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief which identifies five types of grief.

Pavel Timashkov

Pavel is a shamanic healer and a qualified wilderness guide. He has been practicing and studying shamanism with Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum for over 10 years.

For Pavel shamanic work is a never-ending quest for a strong path – the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being in service, the path of remembrance that one is a human being. Pavel has a Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Economics.

Connection with Self

It might happen that in search for connections with others we can overlook a very unique and special human being in our life, one-self. During our workshop in a safe and grounded way we will conduct a number of meditations and ceremonies to connect and take care of all aspects of selves - emotions, body, mind and spirit. You will learn a few shamanic tools that you'd be able to take home and take care of one-selves when needed.

Outdoor Quest - Finding Others

This is an outdoor quest that requires team work and good spirit. You will split into two teams and be equipped with maps, instructions and compasses. After an introduction to basic use of compass, watch and simple maths, your group will be sent on a quest through Clapham Common to find the other team. The only way to find the others is to follow provided instructions, find clues and solve problems on your way. Follow your instincts! Make sure that you are ready for the outdoors!

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Ralf Jaroschinski

Ralf was born in Germany, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and trained as a professional dancer in Europe and New York, USA. With over 30 years' experience in diverse dance techniques, Ralf directed the dance company of the German Hildesheim City Theatre and choreographed for several dance companies. He began dancing contact improvisation over 20 years ago, and during the past 15 years he has taught it in classes and workshops throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

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Distance and Proximity

In this class, we'll observe our bodies' reactions as we actively modulate the negative space between us. We'll focus on our actual perceptions without judging them. Rather, we'll welcome them and use them as great inspirations for our games and dances. That way, we'll learn a lot about our true preferences, desires and needs - which might not at all be what we expect them to be.

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Let's Get Physical

Olivia Newton-John couldn't wait, can you? Either way, in this workshop you won't have to wait: We'll get into direct physical contact with others pretty much right away and we'll “hear our bodies talk” as we explore spontaneously co-created movements in the way of contact improvisation. We'll practice a few tricks and techniques in order to know how to handle physics and weight, but most of all, we'll enjoy a visceral and embodied approach to danced sensuality.

Rhett Brewer


Singing Workshop


Robert van Ravens

Robert has a background in dance, theatre & body mind centering. He is a massage therapist, healer and sexological bodyworker offering specialised sensual healing & Sacred Intimacy. Robert has followed a path of Plant Medicine for over 25 years. Specifically his studies with plant teacher Ayahuasca, since 1997, have influenced his work greatly. He is an initiated healer in Umbanda ceremonies, an Afro-Brazilian religion that acknowledges nature elements and deities as a spiritual pathway. During his time in Brazil he deepened his knowledge and experiences, studying in the Amazon rainforest, Bahia, Rio, São Paolo & Florianopolis.

Initiated in the line of Oxumaré, the rainbow deity, Robert found the base for his workshop ceremonies, embracing and celebrating our tribe of rainbow warriors.

Healing Eros

What is Eros and what can we, as a tribe of Rainbow-warriors, as healers, mean for each other?

A workshop that focusses on our common journey, our challenges as gay, bi and queer men and on our powers to heal, balance, enlighten & activate.

Guided meditation, bodywork and movement will connect us to ourselves and explore what needs attention, care, love and healing. Giving space and expression to these sensations and gently flowing into the connection with other men.

Together we will do exercises, like holding, listening, caressing helping each other to process, accept and embrace our beings.

It is our birthright to be free, to express our sexuality, to feel alive and sensual, to be Loving men, to play and celebrate.

Oxumaré: Rainbow Warriors

A colourful ritual in which we celebrate our tribe as rainbow-warriors honouring the African Serpent deity Oxumaré. Through a guided meditation we connect to the different chakras and corresponding colours and qualities, experiencing a holistic glow of the rainbow Spirit Oxumaré. We invite the four directions to support us on our paths and put into creation our own unique Totem expression through the use of (gluten-lactose-paraben free) bodypaint. A final herb bath will wash away the paint, but the colours are eternal ;)

Sensual Healing

In this workshop we focus on conscious Sensual Healing touch. We will create a playful, safe and warm environment together, in which we will be able to share, feel, touch and enjoy!

A Sensual Healing Massage will be demonstrated and you will be guided through this sweet, gentle and erotic form of healing, balancing the erotic and spiritual energies and boosting the chakra system.

This workshop is designed to get in touch with yourself, with your breathe, your heart, your Spirit and your Sexuality. We will explore personal healing qualities and exchange subtle and warm Sensual touch.

Bring a towel to lie on and a lunghi/sheet/pareo to cover yourself.

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Shadi Henau

Shadi is originally from Belgium and has been living in Guatemala for six years. He travelled all over Latin America, through India and in the US during which he trained to be a Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Cacao facilitator. Shadi is collaborating with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and studies Mayan cosmology with Francisco Puac in Guatemala. He has been hosting Cacao rituals using ceremonial grade Cacao since 2014, and guides spiritual travels with his business www.onespiritworld.com. Shadi is also assisting in the creation of a queer-based tribal sanctuary in the hills above the Atitlan Lake in Guatemala.

Authentic Connecting - On Boundaries and How Souls Meet

During this 2-hour workshop/ritual, we'll explore the ins and outs of the energetics of human connection. By entering into a setting where vulnerability and dark aspects of our humanity are welcome, we can journey into authentic connection together. We'll explore and fine-tune boundaries by bringing awareness to them, and learn to feel the sweet spot where two souls meet. In that place, we can feel each other's unique essence, and the blessings and gifts each one of us has in store. Here, life can flow through us, and we can get accustomed to showing up authentically in the world.

Cacao Rope Meditation Ritual

During this transformational workshop/ritual we explore the magic of ropes and Cacao in a meditative way. The ropes are a perfect and powerful tool to connect to deep feeling through heightened awareness. The workshop will be held by Love Dragon and Shadi, who consciously join forces to offer this transformational rope work combined with the heart-opening medicine that is ceremonial Cacao. This ritual explores deep connection of the senses between beings, held by the gentle assistance of Cacao, an ancient plant teacher from Central America.

Simon Marks

Simon is dramatherapist, counsellor and trainer. Dramatherapy is a form pf psychotherapy, which draws on the creative arts - and powerfully fuses them with the therapeutic process. As a therapist, Simon specialises in LGBTQ+ mental health, addiction and recovery - with a focus on healing and reparenting the inner-child and authentic-self. He has been running group and individual therapy since 2015, providing a safe and contained space to explore creative expression, personal reflection, intimacy, connection and growth. Simon runs the popular gay, bi & queer community discussion group A Change Of Scene and also works in an alcohol and drug rehab facility in London.

Judge For Yourself

In this experiential workshop, you'll playfully be invited to explore your own sense of judgement, through group games and exercises. Our inner-judge is an important aspect of who we are. We judge people, places and things daily – often unconsciously or in the split of a second. We might ask ourselves “am I safe here?” or “can I trust him?” or even “is this the right workshop for me?” Making a judgement is a crucial part of human survival. But what happens when we mis-judge or confuse our judge with the inner-critic or our shadow? As gay, bi & queer men, we know exactly what it's like to be discriminated against and judged by others. So why then, do we do to each other?

Empathy Circle


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Tim Foskett

Tim is an individual and group psychotherapist with over 25 years' experience of working with people and groups. He is a director of North London Group Therapy and Loving Men, a Clinical Associate with Pink Therapy and serves on the Board of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association.

The Gulf Between Us: Transforming Conflict and Distance in Relationships

When people get intimate, they take off some of their masks and show more of their true selves to each other. Along with the delights of discovering each other as real people, comes the threat of conflict and disharmony when our authentic selves clash or want different things. Many of us move into fight or flight in these moments – the primitive programming we have for dealing with differences – resulting in a lack of closeness and sometimes a parting of the ways. This workshop will explore some simple ideas for transforming conflict or difference into deeper intimacy and ultimately closeness.

Tom Cowan

Tom shares his love for Nature, Embodiment and Re-wilding through the practices of Yoga, Ecotherapy and Group Work. He facilitates events for Loving Men, Into The Heart and The Radical Faeries, all part of the constellation of LGBTQ communities. He is currently studying a BA in Person Centred Counselling at Metanoia. He runs regular yoga classes in Brighton and London for GBQ men as well as workshops and retreats.

Re-wilding - Nature Spirit - Queer Connections

We'll discover our own way of Being with the Nature of Clapham Common, sharing our experiences with each other. Delving into awareness cultivation practices, grounding, movement meditation and some of the core routines from nature connection and re-wilding. Dress for the weather. Bring water, a time piece and enjoy some space, air and good company.

Wayne Mertins-Brown

Wayne is a Counsellor, Group-work Facilitator and Diversity Consultant. Now working mostly in private practice, he has spent several years working within charitable organisations, mainly focussed on the mental wellbeing and sexual health of those who identify within the LGBTQ+ family. In particular, he has developed a speciality in counselling Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Gay asylum seekers. To date, he has found this work to be incredibly rewarding; the most impactful of his career. Wayne also holds a leadership role, as a Nichiren Buddhist.

Heart Circle

As Gay, Bisexual or Trans men, some of us experience occasions when what we feel in our hearts goes unspoken, due to fear of being poorly judged, misunderstood, or simply not having anyone truly and honestly desiring to hear from us. This Heart Circle will be a space in which each participant has an opportunity to speak from a place of true feeling, be actively listened to, without debate, discussion or reply; but with sincere kindness! We will simply value what each person feels the desire to share ‘in-the-moment’, with a thoughtful appreciation of what it is to speak ones truth, whilst be lovingly listened to and appropriately acknowledged.

Willow Hurst

Willow loves to work in his garden in his Devon Community, Bowden House, and comes to London twice a month to work with a range of people in his therapy practice. He lives with HIV, eats vegan, is a Humanist/Spiritual wedding celebrant, is a Findhorn trained Transformation Game facilitator and a gardener/artist.

Trans / Non-Binary Inclusion Panel

For several years Loving Men has actively welcomed the participation of trans men and non-binary people who are attracted to men. This panel discussion will explore the sometimes painful history of predominantly gay organisations opening themselves to trans and non-binary people, and what inclusion might really mean for Loving Men moving forward.

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Yoga Wind Down

with Tom Cowan
After all the excitement and stimulation of the day, let Tom take you on a gentle yoga journey that brings you back to your breath, space and sensation in your body. Rest back into yourself with deeper compassion, appreciation and contentment and find a sense of ease and wellbeing in the present moment.

Mindful stretches and movements will be blended together with yoga nidra, a special practice that brings about deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Loving Men at Laurieston is a once-a-year adventure for gay, bi, trans and queer men who want to develop more intimacy in relationships.

The week enables you to:

  • immerse yourself in a different kind of living and loving for 6 days
  • make connections with like-minded others
  • develop skills to take back into your life in the art of intimacy, friendship and forming meaningful relationships
  • and have some fun!

    We'll spend the week in a supportive and loving community, using a range of activities to build deeper relationships with other men.

    "Thank you for a fantastic and varied event. Loving Men gets better and better."

    There'll be many opportunities to stretch your comfort zone and gain personally from the respect, care and love of other men.

    Activities will include:

  • structured time together as a large group
  • facilitated small groups
  • exercises and activities for getting to know yourself and others better
  • opportunities to practice and develop relating skills
  • the right to opt out of an activity if it isn't right for you
  • delicious vegetarian food
  • indoor and outdoor fire-side chats
  • the beautiful grounds and countryside surrounding Laurieston Hall
  • sweating in the sauna and swimming in the loch
  • free time for rest, chat, fun and laughter (....and volleyball too!)

    "Loving Men was a remarkable week for me. I emerged with many wonderful memories and a new found confidence in my body, heart and mind."

  • Residential Events

    Non-residential Events

    Booking, deposits, final payments and cancellation

  • the standard deposit is £150
  • your balance is due 6 weeks before the start of the event
  • your place and deposit may be forfeited if we do not receive your balance 4 weeks before the start of the event
  • if you cancel 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your deposit, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs
  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will refund your payment for the event, minus the £150 deposit
  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Booking, payments and cancellation

  • fees are payable in full at the time of booking
  • if you cancel your place 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your fee, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs
  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will return 50% of your fee
  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Insurance

    For all events, Loving Men advise you to take out travel insurance to cover yourself for illness, emergency or cancellation


    Conduct at Events

    To ensure your own and others' welfare, Loving Men asks you to:

  • be responsible for your own safety and exercise due care for yourself throughout the event
  • be respectful towards others and of their personal boundaries
  • take care of the venue and equipment, and respect the boundaries of the host organisation