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Heartlands | Loving Men

Intimate Communications Skills Workshops - with Tim Foskett

Heartlands workshops are open to people of all genders and sexualities.

Unless we grew up in a family that knew how to be intimate, few of us learned the skills of being close with other people. For many of us, the opposite was passed on from family, school and the wider culture.

We grew up experts in how to:

  • hide our feelings
  • put on a brave or happy face
  • be defensive and conceal our vulnerability
  • be manipulative or domineering in trying to get our needs met
  • carry on pretending we are something other than we are.

    And we wonder why intimacy is sometimes difficult...

    Heartlands workshops help you connect with your intimate self and develop skills and qualities that foster emotional closeness with others.

    These include: being present; deep listening; sharing your feelings, wishes and preferences; responding with empathy, care and creativity to those of others; taking off masks and protective shields; speaking your truth; recognising, valuing and working with differences; sharing vulnerability; and daring to connect.

    When we encounter each other in these ways... we find the Heartlands.

    It takes time and practice to grow these qualities and skills - we can't change the habits of a life-time overnight. Heartlands is a series of practice workshops to help you grow more intimacy in your life.

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    Saturday 25 November 2017: 10.30 am - 5.30 pm: Understanding the Intimacy Dance

    Early Bird - £70 per day (paid one month before the event)

    Full price - £85 per day

    Venue: North London Group Therapy. See How to get to NLGT for more information.

    Bookings: Please click here and you will be taken to Eventzilla where you can make a booking.

    For more information: email Tim Foskett