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Loving Men | Intimacy in the Era of Black Lives Matter

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Intimacy in the Era of Black Lives Matter

An Online Panel Discussion

Sunday 23 May, 7:00 - 9:30 pm on Zoom



A Loving Men online panel discussion to continue the conversation about racism, intimacy and gay/bi/queer relationships.

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In parallel with the worldwide Covid pandemic there’s been a re-invigorated global campaign and conversation about racism against Black people, triggered by the murder of George Floyd in May 2020.

In this online seminar, a year after George Floyd’s death, and taking place close to the trial of those accused of his murder, a variety of speakers will share perspectives on their personal intimacy journey and connections to race and racism, over this complex, painful and profound year.

Contributions will be wide-ranging, informative, personal and address steps we can take to tackle racism, develop allyship, build intimacy and connection with others and strengthen community.

Contributors include:

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    Amanullah De Sondy (Chair)
    Amanullah De Sondy is an academic, author and broadcaster in Cork, Ireland. His parents are from Sialkot in Pakistan and he was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland
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    Wayne Mertins-Brown
    Wayne is a counsellor working with individuals, couples and groups. He was co-creator and chair of the conference ‘Post-Slavery Syndrome: Exploring the clinical impact of the transatlantic slave trade.’
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    Stuart Stevenson
    Stuart is a psychoanalyst, group analyst and senior lecturer in social work at the University of East London. He has published and presented on issues of race and diversity internationally. He has a private psychotherapy practice in London working with groups and individuals.
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    Robert Hilder
    Trained as a legal aid solicitor thirty years ago, Robert has transitioned into multiple creative disciplines, including work with The Mankind Project’s equality, diversity and inclusivity team. Having also traversed the world of heteronormative marriage, with kids, he is now delighted to be a queer, single Dad based in Bristol.
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    Vincent Goyon
    Vincent is a member of ‘Exploring Whiteness’, a discussion group of white and 'white-passing' gay men dedicated to exploring their whiteness and its connection to privilege, fragility and racism.
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    Jolly la Barbera
    Jolly is the founder of @BruhCanWeTalk, a Facilitator & a Mental Health First Aider.
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    Tim Foskett
    Tim is a Director of Loving Men, an individual and group psychotherapist in private practice, and has worked within the LGBT+ intersectional and diversity fields for over 30 years.

Come and join us for a stimulating panel discussion about intimacy in our times.

All gay, bi, queer, trans men and non-binary people attracted to men are welcome.

Hugely appreciate you creating the space that so successfully combined security and personal challenge
Event attendee