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We're not long back from Loving Men at New Year '21. 78 men celebrated New Year at Ilam Hall, in the most Covid-secure environment we could create. We're very pleased that we were all healthy during the event, although some were unfortunatley unable to come due to positive tests in the days before.

We were able to present a full range of workshops and activities, with very positive feedback from attendees.

We now need some time to draw breath, before launching events for the summer of '22.

Please do watch this space

What would you say to another person about Loving Men?

"It is a magical experience. You will laugh a lot, you might cry, you might be uncomfortable at times but you will grow as a queer/gay person and you will learn to love yourself."

"It's full-on and not for the faint-hearted. But a tremendous experience if you can open yourself to it."


"It's a place to learn and grow, becoming vulnerable and strong, emotional and brave- it's like my emotional laboratory to experiment, try, learn and then apply to the world beyond. Come and try yourself."

"The best way to connect with other men, and to spend end of the year in a meaningful way."

"Do come along, you'll have a lovely time."

"It was a great experience if you want to find more about yourself and meet other likeminded men, as well as having a laugh and a cry. Highly recommended."

"Do it!"

"Definitely attend. How enriching an experience it is. How life enhancing it is. The contacts you can make."

"It is an amazing and wonderful event filled with with love and intimacy and kindness and, it provides new and varied experiences and provides an opportunity to express and share one's perspectives and authentic self and vulnerability, and learn new things about oneself and grow."

"Loving Men offers a unique opportunity to come together with other queer men to explore intimacy and connection in a safe and held way. I have made many lasting friendships, and have been inspired by the huge diversity of people i have met there. It is the perfect place to reflect, recharge, connect. My life is infinitely richer because of it."

"You need to experience it to understand how life changing it is. It's hard to put into words."

"Try it. Every time I have the best and worst experiences of my year often within a few hours of each other at Loving Men, but the best is really amazing and the worst is always instructive. I would hope that I can return again and grow old (dis-)gracefully with the Loving Men group."

"It's something you have to experience for yourself and to give it a go."

"I would encourage them to come, I would say that it really can help you recharge and do much much more if you want it too."

"I recommend it highly for the quality of the organisation and people and the great community."

"It was the first time I experienced love and acceptance from my community. It was moving to witness a room full of men expressing care, consideration and affection for each other, which has helped me normalise what often feels taboo in our heteronormative society. This sense of belonging was new to me. And I discovered a desire to bring more touch into my relationship and in new ways I'd never considered."

"It is worth your time and investment. Go with an open mind and an open heart. Make it what you want. Be courageous. Take care of yourself. Don't overthink it, just go."

"Book it!"

"It's a life-changing event."

"If you have lost faith with gay men, cannot see how you could ever get real intimacy that didn't revolve around sex, and feel there is a lack of a coherent and united gay community, I would recommend to go to Loving Men as you may be pleasantly surprised a community with love, compassion and acceptance exists."

"It was just amazing...and sometimes challenged my comfort zone...but worth it and nothing like I've ever experienced. Looking forward to doing it again."