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Boys Will Be Boys: Games on Clapham Common

Playing games is a very different way of connecting and has become a Loving Men tradition. Join us on the common (or in the Café if it's raining) for a few light-hearted, sometimes silly, sometimes profound, interactive games and a real laugh - and do bring your own ideas for games if you have them!

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Playfight / Queerfight

Created by Queer and Trans men in Europe, Playfight / Queerfight creates a unique space for you to play with physical contact and connection.

The Playfight involves a long warm-up, where we explore body awareness and contact improvisation through gravity, experiencing touch and dynamic embodied movement. The Queerfight ritual offers the chance to establish a connection with an opponent and to explore playfulness and embodied dialogue.

Playfight / Queerfight is a new practice that nurtures the physical and mental spaces between play, pleasure and power.

Everyone is invited to move within their own limits and possibilities, and you don't need any previous experience of combat sports, martial arts, dance or Playfighting to take part. Playfight is open to Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer identifying men.

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Alfred Hurst

I am an ageing youthful man living with HIV who grows things - in my garden & in my work. Hopefully I grow myself as well (with support & sometimes screaming)! I am an artist, a gardener, a cook & a therapist & supervisor amongst other things. I try & enjoy all I do & encourage you to do the same.

I have lived in a range of places - Chile, France & various places in the UK. I am particularly interested in Community & have lived in a number & belong to some more. Currently I live in one in Devon with 35 other adults & 12 children. We are like a village & try & make decisions by listening & finding points in common rather than emphasising our differences although they are important as well.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Tim, Dennis and Sanjay for more years than I can remember. I have much gratitude for this! And I have gained so much from them!

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Connections in the Age of Undetectability

With the widespread understanding that undetectable positive men are not infectious for HIV, the growing use of Pep and Prep amongst many negative men, and the reality that some men are still contracting the virus, this workshop will provide a space to share feelings and reflections on the changing experiences of HIV amongst the gay, bi and queer men's communities. We'll explore the different impacts this has had, and how we are adjusting to and integrating changes in our understandings, identifies, practices and priorities in relation to HIV.

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Can We Make Grindr Kinder?

How to use apps to make connections in the 21st Century

This workshop will brainstorm and discuss peoples experience of using apps to make connections with others.

We’ll come up with a blueprint for how to maximise the chances of intimate connection via your smart phone.

Do not despair. We can make Grindr kinder. We have the technology. 😉

You are welcome to bring your smart phone with you to the workshop.

The Storybag

This workshop will explore the theme of 'Connections' by using the medium of Story. It will be an invitation to an experiential journey through the Korean Story called 'The Storybag'.

Using the embodied process of the Sesame Approach to Dramatherapy, being present to conversations which might develop and our collective creativity, we will attempt to learn something new about ourselves and each other. We'll do this through a series of creative exercises and small group exploration - using to music, quiet reflection and interpersonal contact.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Bert Roman

As a nurse, Bert Roman went on completing his bachelors in contemporary dance at the Conservatoire in Antwerp, Belgium. He teaches movement based workshops for theatre and dance professionals. And is a founding member of international theatre ensemble Babakas and artistic director of MoveMe.

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Experience Shiatsu - the touch of the heart

Shiatsu is therapeutic bodywork that uses stretches, joint mobilisation, acupressure and holding to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation, supporting and balancing vital lifeforce energy.

In this physical and experiential workshop, you will work individually and with partners to learn simple shiatsu techniques that you can practice at home with loved ones. Come and experience how movement, stretching and touch can both enliven and deeply nourish and relax us.

You will remain fully clothed so please wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing. The workshop is available to anyone, but you should be able to sit or kneel comfortably on the floor.

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Streams of Energy

We are systems of energy, radiantly alive in a physical body. Connecting more deeply to this energy brings about a richer, fuller experience of peace and wellbeing. It also helps to free up our creativity, intuition, compassion, self-confidence and sense of connection to life.

In this workshop, you will gently move, stretch and open your body, deepen your breathing and learn stretches that support the health of your vital organs. You will begin to feel your lifeforce energy flow. After connecting to your own innate energy, you will then lie back, rest and receive universal energy or Reiki. Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy and feels wonderfully relaxing and restorative to receive.

Robert van Ravens

Robert van Ravensis a massage and touch therapist with a background in yoga, dance and theatre. He has been involved since 1997 in ritualistic work with Ayahuasca. After completing the Sacred Intimacy training with A.E. in Berlin, he created his own Respiro-Touch workshops.

Also known as erotic shaman he focuses on connecting Sex with Spirit through the healing aspects of conscious touch, pleasure, joy and gratitude. Based in the Netherlands he travels to spread his healing touch and magic in his workshops and Umbanda ceremonies. Umbanda, an Afro-Brazilian religion, is a big inspiration and influence in Respiro-touch workshops.

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Sensual Healing

In this workshop we focus on uniting Sex with Spirit. Creating a playful, safe and warm environment together, in which we will be able to share, feel, touch and enjoy!

We bring our attention inwards through guided mediation and breathe-work, connecting to the present moment, grounding ourselves and activating our healing capacities.

While moving through the space on the beats of the Shaman drum you will encounter brothers with whom you will explore and exchange sensual Healing touch..

During this workshop the sensual Healing massage will be demonstrated and you will be guided through this gentle and erotic form of healing, balancing the sexual and spiritual energies and boosting the chakra system.

This workshop is designed to explore our personal healing qualities and to get in touch with yourself, your brothers, your breathe, your heart, your Sacred Sexuality and your Spirit.


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Shamanic Eros

In this workshop we focus on uniting Sex with Spirit. Creating a playful, safe and warm environment together, in which we will be able to share, feel, touch and enjoy!

We bring our attention inwards through guided mediation and breathe-work, connecting to the present moment, grounding ourselves and activating our healing capacities. While moving through the space on the beats of the Shaman drum you will encounter brothers with whom you will explore and exchange sensual Healing touch..

During this workshop the sensual Healing massage will be demonstrated and you will be guided through this gentle and erotic form of healing, balancing the sexual and spiritual energies and boosting the chakra system.

This workshop is designed to explore our personal healing qualities and to get in touch with yourself, your brothers, your breathe, your heart, your Sacred Sexuality and your Spirit.

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Dennis L Carney

Dennis L Carney is a co-founder of Loving Men. He has completed 12 years post-graduate training in humanistic integrative psychotherapy at Spectrum and also teaches a range of short counselling and personal development courses at The City Literary Institute, London.

Dennis has a passion for working with groups & also delivers a range of training courses on Diversity, LGBT Equality, Team Building, Anger Management, Personal & Professional Development. Dennis also runs a small private practice that offers personal development sessions to clients.

Dennis' website

Daily Temperature Reading

At Loving Men events’, it’s often said that “intimacy is critical to the process of developing and sustaining close relationships”.

Based on the ground-breaking work of the PAIRS Institute & Virgina Satir, this workshop will explore how using a ‘Daily Temperature Reading’ can often help us to develop our intimacy skills in close relationships.

Take a ‘risk’, or join this workshop to learn more about creating and sustaining greater ‘safety’ and improved communication in your relationships..

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Simon Marks

Simon Marks is an MA qualified Dramatherapist, counsellor and group facilitator. Dramatherapy draws on the creative arts - and powerfully fuses them with the therapeutic process.

Simon specialises in LGBTQ+ mental health and addiction, with a focus on healing the inner-child and authentic-self. He has been running group and individual Dramatherapy sessions since 2015, providing a safe and contained space for creative expression, personal reflection and group bonding.

Simon also works at Antidote, the UK’s only drug and alcohol service as an addiction counsellor, and runs the popular gay and bisexual men’s discussion group A Change Of Scene.

Simon' s website

email Simon

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Haydn Forde

Born in Trinidad, Haydn has worked and volunteered for various HIV organisations. He has co-facilitated the monthly group 'Black Connection' at PACE with Dennis L. Carney and has worked as a Counsellor at London Friend and The Metro.

Haydn also holds a MA Dramatherapy; has a private Counselling practice in Camberwell, South London and is training in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy at Re-Vision. He loves hot yoga, the creative/cultural expression of Trinidad & Tobago, works as a part time counsellor/dramatherapist in a secondary school.

Dramatherapy: Connection through Embodied Play

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to reconnect to the sense of play you may have lost since childhood. Be prepared to work physically, as you are guided through simple Dramatherapy games and exercises designed to take you out of your adult routine and daily life (boring!) and instead connect you to your body.

Here, without your judge or inner-critic in charge, you’ll be free to explore and inhabit the more playful aspects of yourself you never knew existed. As a group we’ll discover just why play is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. The only requirement to take part is a genuine desire to have fun!

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Stepping Out Of The Dark

What are the messages we grow up with as gay, bisexual and queer men? From early childhood to our adult lives, we’ve received conscious and unconscious messages from society about our sexuality. Some are positive and helpful. But many are not. They might form part of our internalised world, affecting how we think, feel and live in the present.

Instead of connecting with others, we might become isolated, fearful, ashamed or lonely. How do we come out of this isolation and feel authentic connection to others? In this experiential workshop, you’ll be encouraged to break free from your shame and realise the answers were actually there all the time. You just couldn’t see them in the dark.

Tom Cowan

Tom Cowan says:
"I've been called from many directions to step into a role as teacher, healer, mentor and leader, offering workshops and retreats for GBQ men."

"Currently I'm studying Ecotherapy and training as a teacher of Yoga Nidra to practice deeply insightful states of being with you all. I also trained for two years with the Vajrasati Yoga Community in Brighton/London, studied at the NLSSM to develop my skills in bodywork/massage and facilitate/curate events for LGBTQ people. I create inclusive spaces for queer communities to explore the emergent nature of co-creation whilst practicing awareness cultivation practices and embodiment."

Tom' s website

email Tom

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Adventures In Ecotherapy & Nature Connection

We'll explore the green and leafy spaces of Clapham Common, using practices distilled from the Core Routines of Nature Connection to cultivate present moment awareness. This is for anyone who wants to dive into the deeper layers of Being that we share collectively with all life.

Expect fun games, meditative enquiry and reflective group work.

Using elements of Ecotherapy we’ll subtly shine light into unconscious patterns of our behaviour and bring forward new understandings and wisdoms from the land and each other.

There will be gentle movement, some walking, sitting and sharing. Bring warm and waterproof clothing just in case!

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Ralf Jaroschinski

Ralf Jaroschinski was born in Germany, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and trained as a professional dancer in Europe and New York, USA.

With over 30 years' experience in diverse dance techniques, Ralf directed the dance company of the German Hildesheim City Theater and choreographed for several dance companies.

He began dancing contact improvisation over 20 years ago, and during the past 15 years he has taught it in classes and workshops throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

Ralf's website

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IIn this workshop, we’ll not only touch the outer layer of one another’s bodies, we’ll also reach other tissues with intentional touch. Thus, we’ll evoke the specific qualities of the skin, muscles and bones through touch and then also through movement.

This is an invitation to experience the vast difference it makes to connect with other men on these very different layers.

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In Contact improvisation, we can actually be lifted effortlessly and therefore experience a very concrete state of floating. However, a focus on sensations and sensuality can also achieve moments of ecstasy.

In this class, we’ll practice both. Safe techniques for supporting one another and making delicious physical contact with other men while moving.


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Bodhi Nicholas Hunt

Bodhi Nicholas Hunt is accredited at both 'Waves' and 'Heartbeat' levels of 5Rhythms and has been teaching for over 14 years.

He works as a Psychotherapist with a background in Herbal Medicine and Mindfulness. He teaches a weekly 5Rhythms class in London and facilities workshops in Movement and Mindfulness in London, Europe and Russia.

Bodhi says:
"I believe in the healing power of men coming together to dance, to celebrate as we have for millennium and this has been a focus for my teaching from the start."

email Bodhi

facebook Dance Out Loud

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SWEAT - A Tribal 5Rhythms workshop for Men

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice of being in your body; it ignites creativity, connection and community.

This offering will cover a dynamic map including some embodiment work it will help to teach us about our relationship between the rhythms and our emotional body. We practice holding the centre in all that moves through us. When we learn to no longer cling or avoid, but embrace and meet feelings with compassion – we expand our capacity to love and be loved, in the most brilliant way possible.

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Stephen Wood

Stephen Wood says:
I’m an entrepreneur and coach. I love ideas – big ideas that challenge the status quo and shake things up.

I’ve spent the last 3 years with a visionary group of entrepreneurs and coaches building a company that gives incredible young people - the leaders of the future - the knowledge and skill they need to transform the way our organisations and businesses run. We’ve worked with global companies, social entrepreneurs, inspired creatives, and change-makers in education.

As a private coach, I help people discover a deeper meaning for their life, and create experiences for them to find out what’s really possible.

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Relationship Matters

Humans are wired for connection. Our well-being, our success, our very survival all depend on how we interact and engage with each other.

Relationship Matters explores what it takes to create deep, fulfilling connection with all the people in our lives - friends, lovers, family, colleagues.. We'll explore what we actually want and who we really are in relationship. And we'll dig deeper to look at the walls we build around us even though we might long to connect.

Leave ready to engage in a whole new way with the people that matter,

The cruising grounds as a temple

When we visit a gay sauna, cruising place or sex venue, how do we manage the paradox of opening up for other men while simultaneously protecting ourselves? How do we manage the contrast between the power and immediacy of our instinctual drives and our knowledge about what is good or bad for us?

The environments where casual and anonymous sex are the norm are challenging in many ways. For this workshop we turn the workshop space into a playful cruising ground, where we will do a series of exercises that will build connections between our body, heart, mind, soul and spiritual resources. When we connect to all of that we are instead of splitting off and losing ourselves, the cruising ground can turn into a sacred temple where we can feel grounded, secure and whole.

The workshop will not involve nudity or sexual contact.

Love Dragon

Imagined in the mind of the Beast King and brought to life by a juicy kiss, Love Dragon is a queer researcher of human connections.

Regardless of the subject he enjoys teaching people the rules of how to gently meet each other with respect and fun.

Love Dragon is a sacred intimate, a body worker and a dance teacher. He is also exploring Tarot and Bondage. Privately, he’s a big boardgame geek.

email Love Dragon

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A perfect moment in Tango

You know when after many years of taking lessons from all the superstars of Tango Argentino, endless practice sessions with different partners, blisters on your feet, bleeding toes from being stepped on, frizzed brains from memorizing all the sequence... *

... you finally get to meet that special person on the dance floor and share a divine moment of connection?

We'll cut right through to that moment in a body-awareness-centred workshop full of mindful movements and soft silence skipping the hard part mentioned in the first paragraph. This is a queer tango lesson, so be prepared to dance barefoot and... gasp... with other men!

* might include dramatization or exaggeration

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Rope Flow Meditation

For people who are curious about, maybe even scared of ropes, this workshop asks you to rethink your image of bondage. Instead of restricting each other, we will guide our partners in the most careful way, and explore the gentle side of ropes together.

Surrender to the magic of the rope to switch our bodies on and our minds off.

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Tim Foskett

Tim Foskett is an accredited individual and group psychotherapist. He is a co-Founder and Director of Loving Men. He is a certified 5RhythymsⒸ Teacher and currently a Board member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association.

He has written three interactive workbooks for gay/bi men on Getting Ready for Relationships; Relationship Skills and Sex. These are available on his website.

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Wayne Mertins-Brown

Wayne Mertins-Brown is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Group-work Facilitator. Now working mostly in private practice, he has spent many years working within charitable organisations, focussed on the mental wellbeing and sexual health of those who identify within the LGBT+ family. In particular, he has developed a speciality in counselling Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), gay asylum seekers. To date, he has found this work to be incredibly rewarding; the most impactful of his career. Wayne is also a Nichiren Buddhist.

Wayne's website.

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Loving Men Heart Circle

As gay and bisexual men, some of us experience occasions when what we feel in our hearts goes unspoken, due to fear of being poorly judged, misunderstood, or simply not having anyone willing or desiring to hear from us. This Heart Circle will be a space in which each participant has the opportunity to speak from a place of true feeling and be actively listened to, without debate, discussion or reply. We will simply value what each person feels the desire to share, with an appreciation of what it is to speak ones truth whilst be lovingly heard.


Games on the Common

In this workshop, weather permitting, we'll take to the Common and play games that are fun, connecting and give us opportunities to do things we don't usually do.

Who knows what connections we will make!

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Martin Weightman

Martin Weightman is a musician & teacher who has a passion for community music-making in a variety of contexts. With a background in jazz and music education, his musical journey has recently taken him to Bulgaria & Eastern Europe exploring music of the Balkans and Roma & Klezmer traditions. Excited by the folk songs & dances of these traditions, he continues to be inspired by music which brings people together celebrating & sharing their diversity & cultures.

An accordionist, pianist and singer, he performs with Klezmer band, ‘Shibboleth’. He has recently been involved in setting up a co-housing project in Sheffield.

He sees ‘Connections’ as an exciting opportunity for gay men to explore vocal harmony, rhythm and movement.

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Body of Sound

Acapella Singing - chants, rounds, songs & rhythms from around the world.

An exploration of rhythm, harmony & melody using body percussion & voices to create a ‘body of sound’ – open to all who want to experience the enjoyment of singing in a group [no previous experience necessary].

Manrutt Wongkaew

Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew is an independent creative director and visual artist. He has spent the last 16 years creating politically charged and emotionally engaged fashion designs, visual artwork and choreography.

His work has appeared in such publications as Vogue, British GQ, and the Guardian. Manrutt has also appeared on TEDx Talks and the BBC discussing the subjects of identity and motivation.

His work is never about fashion but how he pushes its boundaries to connect with light and shade of human emotion.

Manrutt's website

email Manrutt

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Drag Salon

Following a fabulous success of the Drag Salon last year, we continue to play with clothes and make-up to unleash our inner goddess. We will spank those inner critics with 50 shades of hot pink, false eyelashes and sky-high heels. We will reclaim our true voice, challenge gender stereotypes and celebrate who we really are.

Please bring items you would like to wear. Be bold. Be brave. And most importantly, be YOU!

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Matthew Beckford

Matthew Beckford works in corporate learning and development and is passionate about the difference self-insight and awareness can bring to people having more satisfying careers and lives.

A personal development ‘junkie’ who strongly believes in ‘It starting with me’ (or him). Accredited as a coach and facilitator he enjoys taking groups and individuals through instructive transformation.

Connecting to your purpose

Why are you here? A big question! Join ‘connecting to your purpose’ to reflect on and articulate what impact do you want to have in your life. Using meditation and journaling, you’ll leave this session having connected to yourself more deeply, with a clearly articulated way of explaining who you are and why you are here.

Brandon Anthony

Brandon Anthony is the Founder and Creator of Naked Men's Yoga, Movement2Music, and Cannabis Movement, as well as Co-Creator of YogaWorks' DanceWorks and a 200hr RYT certified Yoga Instructor.

His naked men's yoga, partner, massage, fitness, and dance workshops were developed as a way for GBTQ men to release shame, explore themselves, and celebrate their sexuality.

Although based in the US, Brandon travels around the world bringing his message of shame free self love wherever he goes.

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Movement2Music is a guided free form musical journey. There's no choreography to memorize, no wrong moves, and no wrong steps. Just moving, feeling, and Living to the Music.

These 2 hours of flowing, body-rocking, and heart opening will be all about Love and Exploration. Our bodies will overlap and we'll give and take body weight, enjoying the build of chi as we move together. Come ready to release your inhibitions, lose yourself in the music, and celebrate every inch of your beautiful self…

This workshop is Clothing Optional.

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Tantra Group Massage

Have you ever experienced an 8 handed sensual massage?

The workshop will begin with a short Tantra massage demo led by Naked Men's Yoga Founder, Brandon Anthony. Once we've all learned the tools for play, the real fun will begin. We'll break into small groups, blindfolding and setting one person up for massage in the centre of each. Everyone will get a minimum of 15 minutes in the centre, as the other men in the group use oil, hands, and every part of their bodies to massage and stimulate sexual chi.

This workshop is Clothing Optional.

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Sam Cotton

Sam Cotton

Sam is a highly-experienced facilitator of personal development work, having clocked up around 1,200 hours as a Senior Teacher of The Hoffman Process.

Sam is a solution-focused therapist and hypnotherapist, and works with clients one-to-one in London. He has a background in live theatre and television and lives on the seafront in Brighton.

Sam's website

Symposium of Hugs

The biggest collection of hugs you've ever experienced... We have travelled the world collecting hugs, and now we bring our findings to Connections Festival! A journey through over fifty different types of hugs, this fun, interactive, playful approach to connecting with other men, will get you laughing and connecting with each other. Some are moving, some are funny, some are challenging…

Come and explore the multicoloured world of hugs. Do you dare to hug and be hugged?

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Werewolf Game

Discover who the werewolves are, in this favourite interactive game. It's a great way to connect with others through play - and if you haven't played before you will be skilfully guided through the experience. Have your wits about you as the villagers try to work out who the werewolves are... before they eat you! Only the quick-witted will survive.

This interactive experience is suitable for all physical abilities as its played through conversation sitting in a circle of chairs. Just show up and bring your playfulness...

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James Pretlove

James Pretlove says:
"I am a writer and teacher of Scottish country dance, who lives as part of the unintentional Findhorn community in north-east Scotland.

I helped to set up London's The Gay Gordons in 2005, and was one of the people who ran it until I moved to Scotland in 2011. I have also run Scottish country dance workshops in Portugal and Japan.

James's Dancing Scottish

An easy introduction to gender-role free Scottish country dancing, where everyone is welcome - even if you think you have two left feet.

I'm more interested in what happens when a group of men come together for the pleasure of it than in anyone needing to get things 'right'.

With Scottish country dancing you can very quickly access laughter and joy, feel connection and stretch both your body and your brain.

Please bring soft-soled shoes, or dance barefoot, and if you have a kilt, please wear it!

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Trust and Safety in Open Relationships

About 70% of longer-term gay relationships are ‘open’ in some way, while 30% of gay couples choose monogamy. In this workshop we’ll explore some research and ideas about how to make open relationships work well, including how we might establish sufficient safety and trust to enjoy non-monogamous possibilities.

João Oliveira

João Oliveira grew up in Brazil and has been offering holistic treatments in London for the last decade and, more recently, workshops in London, as well as at festivals. His experience in Teaching, Bodywork, Meditation, Energy Work and Tantra as well as his eclectic background have shaped his very special style: friendly, knowledgable, profound and fun.

Find out more at tantricjourney4men.co.uk

João's MeetUp Group

email João

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Tantric Connections

In Tantra we learn to connect with ourselves and one another through breath, movement, sound and touch.

You are invited to go beyond the superficial and physical appearances, from a place of loving kindness to yourself and those around you, expressing your truth and boundaries..

You should wear comfortable clothes, at least 5 pieces, 3 of which may be removed during different activities. Your t-shirt and shorts/underwear will be kept on. Please bring a towel, and an open heart and mind.

Sensual Massage

Give and receive caring touch in a friendly and informal environment with varied partners.

We will work with different strokes in highly sensitive areas of the body such as chest, abdomen and gluteus regions. This workshop is very hands-on and ideal for those who are a bit shy or new to bodywork..

Please bring a towel. We will use a small amount of oil.

Those attending will give and receive floor-based massages. When massaging, you will need to be close to the floor, often sitting or kneeling. You will need to be fit enough to be in such positions for about 20 minutes at a time.

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Jason Lowe

Jason Lowe is a Humanistic Integratively trained therapist, and a long time music lover. He has performed professionally with choirs and bands across the UK and South Africa from the age of 7. He writes music and enjoys playing on his guitar and singing and dancing in his car to the amusement of passersby.

Loving Men Sings

I believe the ability to sing exists in all of us; for me it's not about the sound or the key but about the connection we feel with the music. I experience music as a great equaliser and connector with the people around me; when I have no words to express myself the lyrics and music help pull me through.

I'd love to create a space where men can sing and connect together as a group in a relaxed, non-judgemental environment. This year we are planning our most ambitious medley of songs for Connections. Come join the fun :)

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JF Calens

JF Callens is a skilled consultant and coach with over 10 years’ experience in working with clients to unlock and maximise their potential. With a creative background in movement, theatre and body-psychotherapy, he offers powerful and thought-provoking workshops delivered in a caring and supportive environment

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Safe landing into the hands of others

Explore the power of a safe and restorative touch, a touch whose purpose is to make you feel safe, welcomed and accepted whatever you shape, size, colour… During this body-workshop, you’ll go through a simple practices, done in groups of two or three, that will help you regulate your nervous system, restore your body and mind and invite you to find a natural resting place where you’ll discover pleasure and new possibilities for expansion.

Residential Events

Non-residential Events

Booking, deposits, final payments and cancellation

  • the standard deposit is £150

  • your balance is due 6 weeks before the start of the event

  • your place and deposit may be forfeited if we do not receive your balance 4 weeks before the start of the event

  • if you cancel 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your deposit, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will refund your payment for the event, minus the £150 deposit

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Booking, payments and cancellation

  • fees are payable in full at the time of booking

  • if you cancel your place 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your fee, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will return 50% of your fee

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Insurance

    For all events, Loving Men advise you to take out travel insurance to cover yourself for illness, emergency or cancellation


    Conduct at Events

    To ensure your own and others' welfare, Loving Men asks you to:

  • be responsible for your own safety and exercise due care for yourself throughout the event

  • be respectful towards others and of their personal boundaries

  • take care of the venue and equipment, and respect the boundaries of the host organisation